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Tuotekuvaus: The Manor numerot 1-8

Printtien kansilehden väri saattaa hieman vaihdella erän mukaan.


The Manor is a jammed packed, Old School zine. Inside you'll find a stink'n old salt pit with one of my favorite creatures, a d12 table from the mischevious mind of Jason Sholtis, one of the many secrets of Rural Pennsylvania, a poetry slam by an old time blogging favorite Rusty Battle Axe, a table of random forest encounters and a boot merchant with a bad, bad past.


Issue #2 comes out swinging with a fully realized shop, Hugo's Healing Potions, that can be dropped into any fantasy campaign. Maps, personalities, adventure hooks and even a random customer table. The second half is dedicated to a versitile site, Snugglers Inn. It can be used as a reoccuring place of operations or used as an adventure.
This zine is for old school way of thinking or more importantly just having fun. So grab a copy, see if you can get Hugo to crack a smile then if you dare, travel across Ten Killer Lake and get into a game of chance with Halla. Beware of what you gamble. What you lose on the table may be the least of your worries.


The Manor is back with more old school gaming goodies. Within these pages you'll find:
The Village of Aberton is suffering from a mysterious sickness. Undead have been spotted on the dark countryside. The Baron has not responded. The Monks of Abrose Abbey seemed to have abandon Aberton. Only a group of kick ass adventurers can cure this disease.
Pog Nog strolls through the streets with his creaky wheeled cart. He's got a surprising selection of trinkets. He's got stuff you don't even know you need, but he'll make sure the right item gets the right person.
And the monster hunter class. This class was created for the Blood & Treasure RPG, but can kill monsters in any edition of any game... ever.


This is the biggest Manor yet and more artwork packed into this issue than the first three combined.
This first half is an adventure, Incident at Butch Creek. The party is asked to assist the Hamlet of Low Ridge to rid the area of a few dangerous predators. But there is more to this adventure. A secret. A dangerous secret that could kill them all.
The second half is From Beneath the Manor, a mini collection of horrible creatures to populate your game. These creatures have crawled out of the mind of long time gamers and brought to life by the defthand of Jason Sholtis.


Inside you'll find:

  • Four nasty Villains to populate your game.
  • A batch of horrible concoctions to throw in your treasure chests. I quarantee they will never assume what's inside a potion bottle ever again.
  • A tavern name generator. Let it do your thinking for you.
  • A consumer report on dungeon doors. It's good to know the pros and cons before spending a single coin on a door that doesn't meet your needs.
  • A table of city encounters that can quickly generate adventure hooks or make a boring errand into an event.
Go ahead and knock on the Manor door, I'm sure someone will be home. We have fresh coctails waiting. Don't pay attention to the screams. I'm sure they'll fade eventually.


Issue #6 of The Manor features OSR luminaries Matt Jackson and Ken Harrison. Matt has created a must have brothel outside of one of your towns. He's created a place where the most perverse pleasures can be satisfied.
Ken has created a trio, set of rooms where adventurers need to use their brains to figure out the puzzles. It highlights Ken's skills of deception and distraction.
I've created a guard class so when adventurers come into town, guards have their own special skills on how to deal with unruly visitors. In addition there is a random table for guard greetings. Alternatives to, halt who goes there.
And lastly, an adventure I created using the resources from other OSRians. Matt Jackson for the map, Tim Brannan for his Witch class and Dylan Hartwell for his Big Book of Spiders. All were used heavily in creating this one-shot adventure. Take your adventurers up against some spider worshiping withces!


There is a lot of great old school gaming packed into this issue. Six different entries from six different authors.
We've got a traveling potion vendor who sells concoctions that might not always be what they seem. A new playable class, Skinwalker (Coyote). Add a Native American element into your campaign. A batch of wicked mirrors. Hang these on the walls in any of your dungeons, and I can guarantee your players will develop a new paranoia for mirrors. A micro adventure that unleashes a horrible thing. Don't let the size of the adventure fool you. The scope of the adventure is much grander. Another adventure dark and forboding. The click and clatter of unseen things. As your party creeps through the caves they'll feel it come alive around them and it is hungry. Lastly, another incredible haiku, this time featuring a Mind Flayer.


This issue is filled with kick-ass stuff. Douglas Cole and Peter V. Dell'Orto wrote a fantastic piece, Old School Grappling. They present a set of rules that will make all those tavern brawls a blast.
Trey Causey gives us a sneak peek at his incredible Strange Stars.
And I have added my own spin on Hirelings. A simple way to make hirelings more interesting and useful.
And the final article, I turn up the Torchbearer to 11. And if a torchbearer turned up to 11 isn't enough, there are eight different torches to add into your game!

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