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Tuotekuvaus: Dragon Union

Dragon Union is an addendum for the fantasy roleplaying game of basic rules and its OSR relatives.

Originally basement published by Nestori Lehtonen, now published in English by D-oom Products.

What Is Dragon Union?

Dragon Union is an optional way (of the Dragon) to play your favorite old-schoold fantasy roleplaying game. It contains ideas how characters are played and how characters interact with the game and each other.

It also tells the Gamemaster how to run a Dragon Union game as the LORD.

These rules also include meta information on different situations, for example how monsters want to deal with different classes in a party.

You'll Get...

  • New rules how character roles (classes) are given for the players
  • Rules for confrontation
  • Monster behavior in combat
  • Meta and in-game rules for all seven basic classes, including alternative Elf magic
  • Fun to read text with cool ideas
Crew & Co-Authors:
  • Original work by: Nestori Lehtonen, Hanna Rautakumpu, Joni Heinonen
  • English translation by: Daniel Neffling, Samuli Suominen, Nestori Lehtonen, Joni Heinonen
  • Featuring: Ville Vuorela as the Fighter, Sami Koponen as the Cleric, Eero Tuovinen as the Dwarf

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