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Tuotekuvaus: Mead & Mayhem Special Booklet Edition

Aluksi oli Mead & Mayhem pdf. Sitten syntyi uudella taitolla, lisätyllä kuvituksella, värityksellä, editoinnilla ja printtinä... Mead & Mayhem Special Booklet Edition!

Mead & Mayhem is a tavern fight supplement compatible with most old-school fantasy roleplaying games. Within this product you'll find:

  • use for your big lump of thirty sided awesome (d30)
  • simple alternative fist fight damage system
  • d30 table of 40 entries for tavern and pub fights
  • things might escalate to chaos and mayhem!
Next time your players start to have their own fun in a local tavern, open this pdf and see what happens...

Here is a sample how one such fight goes down (written by Rob Monroe):

Things kick off when some rowdy dwarves smash up a barrel of beer to fill their flagons, resulting the floor becoming slippery. Punches begin the fly as people slide into each other. Suddenly a group of adventurers burst out of the wine cellar (which I guess is attached to a dungeon). They enter the melee, already in murderhobo-mode. As the brawl gets more and more out of control, someone begins shouting out accusations of theft and assault at the tavern's owner, adding paranoia to the mix of heated emotions. Seizing on the opportunity, members of the local thieves' guild begin to nick the coin purses of anyone distracted by the bar fight. And finally, as if summoned by the drunken brawl, a coven of witches dance nude on the tavern's roof, drawing a crowd to the building.
Designed OSR in mind but we think this can easily be used with any system as an idea source.

Writers: Jonas Mustonen & Daniel "Thaumiel Nerub" Neffling

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