perjantai 29. tammikuuta 2016

[TUOTEKUVAUS] Tonttu: Nekrognomekon


Tontun sanoma:

"Music should be made by these rules as follows:
Gnomes will get offensive and aggressive as they listen to it, sympathizers shall run for their lives and seek for the cover...
That is what good music is like and makes it easy to spot those vile destroyers of all that is good.
If you need an example of such a purity in music, look no further!"

P. Emerson Williamsin arvostelu

"Well, a collection of tracks land on me like a message from beyond the pale. I have obtained documentation of the dreaded 'Nekrognomekon', the package is a concoction of Finnish folklore, demonology and wild conspiracy theories in a gnomic twist on Lovecraftian terror. Finding the words for the sounds and related reading material is a challenge. Going through this reviewer's mind is 'this is madness', repeating like a mantra being transmitted by the Elder Gods.

Whatever the curious who stumble upon the 'Nekrognomekon' think of what they hear in its vibrations and read in its blood-soaked pages, they will find an uncomfortable feeling indwelling their innermost core. This feeling will persist, will grow into strange dreams and disturbing thoughts. Thoughts will become even more obsessive and elaborate in their twisting insistence and impel to unwholesome researches and ultimately bring the hapless victims back to the 'Nekrognomekon' and into the gnomic clutches of eternal night and madness. When you hear the gnomes and their victims screaming at the gibbous moon, stay inside..."


Musiikkia löytyy maistiaisiksi esimerkiksi Youtubesta.

Saatavilla HOLVI-verkkokaupasta, CD 6€ hintaan.

Loppuhuipennukseksi video, jossa allekirjoittanut partioi omia lähiympäristöjään.

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